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Phantom Trees are a Polish alternative rock band formed in virtual space between Nowy Sącz and London at the end of 2011. Tomasz Ecik Kmak - vocalist and founder was soon joined by Roman Wiśniak - keyboardist, music producer and audio engineer. The band also contains, Mateusz Kotkowski (guitars), Max Ruchała (bass), and Kuba Ferenc (drums).
Their music could be described as a fusion of gothic rock, dark wave, new wave, and post punk. They have been classified as part of the post-punk revival. The members admit to being influenced by bands such as Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Chameleons, Dead Can Dance, Radiohead, Minimal Compact, Bauhaus, Echo and the Bunnymen...
In March 2013, the band recorded their first material, which will be released as an album (title TBC) in late 2013. It will feature 10-12 very personal and reflective songs about time and places, hope and fear, love and hatred with dark raw melodic sound full of staccato bass, harmonized guitars, ambient piano and electronics.

Tomasz Ecik Kmak

Mateusz Kotkowski

Max Ruchała

Roman Wiśniak

Kuba Ferenc